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Hey aidpage family finished a blanket a lady ordered for her granddaughter along with a

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generations   in reply to annie46
I am not sure. I have girls that call me all the time. Did she say she lived in Lincoln Park, MI
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annie46   in reply to generations
Hi generations did you get a message from a young lady here on aidpage , she is i9 pregnant 8 mos and homeless and I can not remember the name she posted byannie46
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these are nice how much do you charge?
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Glory Be
Nice work! I bet they would sell like crazy on Ebay.
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That is very cute love it !!!!!!!!!
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lizzysmommy31010   in reply to Debs got faith
thank you
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Debs got faith
I think they are lovely. My sister bought my daughter something similar when my daughter was born. It's a great gift because its personalized!! Good luck !!!
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